Darkness before the Dawn

Every Legend has a Beginning

The story so far.

As young adventurers, you do not yet have the status or pull to join any of the more reputable adventuring guilds. As you spend your time training, hunting, praying, or whatever it is you do on a day to day basis, a gnome walks up to you. He walks with a cane, and has a long white beard and a monicle. " So what they tell me is true, you are quite talented. I have heard you are looking for work, and I may have some for you. Go to Sharn, and seek out the Axe in Hand. It will be the base of operations for a guild dedicated to assisting young adventurers as yourself. Remember, Sharn, Axe in Hand. See you there." And without another word he turns around and blinks out of existence. So adventurer, will you take the road of glory and venture to Sharn?



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